1. Day Six

    Still going, strong.

    I kind of want to chew things. I gnaw on licorice root (mahalo Lee) and offer myself the chance to chew again on one of my many, many more days.

    Now, I have the space to dedicate a few more days to not chewing.

    Day six started with walking to the dance studio after 3 hours of sleep. 5Rhythms cause there is no other place I could have been. I wanted to dance and stomp and weep and be wrung out. I wanted to search myself and find me meaningless. I wanted to cry on the floor. 

    Forever is in the now.


    I am not hungry. I am sometimes sad. My days last so very long.

    I have a ton of energy. I require little sleep. I am clear minded and productive. 

    Mood: curious.

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