1. Fasting for Life

    7.31.12  : Ix 4 Caban : The rules of Earth; is the energy that began this round of fasting. Monday night I prepared with ninety minutes of kundalini yoga, cherishing my body and my self. I surrounded myself with love. Tuesday morning, I woke eager for the challenge. Often when I facilitate these juicing rounds, I feast. I declare my active life as an excuse. Last week, I facilitated a juicing class and was reminded of the endless energy that comes from fasting and juices. I was so ready for Tuesday morning.

    Now, I am spending less time preparing food, and more time preparing myself. 

    Self massage, skin brushing

    flossing, rinsing, tongue scraping, oil pulling, brushing

    breathing, walking, stretching

    sleeping, resting, and running my bars

    I feel soooo good. Often, I convince myself that I will starve on a fast. Seriously. So this time I ran a ton of clearings for any past lives in which I starved, any times in this life I thought I would starve, and any anything that carried a charge for me at all about eating or starving. I dedicated to eating a 100% raw food on July 2nd and released a lot of attachments and addictions to food and eating. This has been my first purposeful attempt at exclusive raw food since 2008. My typical cravings are sweet, carby, sugary yums. This time my ‘cheats’ have been different;

    ~ 1 warm can of Miller High Life the Champagne of beer, 1 blue moon wheat beer with orange, roasted olives & almonds, 3 dick’s danger ale, 1 keystone light, 1 red nectar ale, 1/2 a warm can of PBR ~


    Aside from all the beer, I had 3 weeks of 100% raw under my belt when I began this fast. I was becoming bored with eating. Not the food I was eating. I was really pleased with the variety and flavors. It was the act of eating. That I needed to stop to refuel again. I found myself skipping meals and running head on into this fast.

    Yesterday was a lovely Day One. Emotions came up early in the day. I recentered myself by serving my needs. I walked to the artesian well to gather my own water. It was miraculous and fun. The day unfolded with so much laughter and ease even when the worst happened. I helped the kids create a big salad for dinner and one of the other mommas made the cooked portion of their meal. I sat on the sofa a few feet from the table listening to kirtan while they ate. 

    Mood: I am sooo in love with myself, I attract amazing and wonderful people into my experience to play with me. Yay!

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